Ideas for Google Summer of Code 2013

Categories: Development , Community Created by Christian Müller, Tobias Liebig
UPDATE 12.02.2013:
In the meanwhile Google announced the GSoC 2013. So now, we really need your Ideas added here: /UPDATE We hope Google will announce the Google Summer of Code for this year again and we expect them to do it soon. GSoC is a program by Google to fund OpenSource projects (like TYPO3) by enabling student developers to contribute to OpenSource projects over a three month period ("flip bits, not burgers").
We're planing to apply this year again. Last year we got rejected, most likely because we couldn't provide an outstanding list of ideas on which students can work on. However, we like to improve in this regard for this years application.
This is why I ask you to collect and suggest ideas for possible GSoC-Projects. We created a wiki page and ask *you* to fill this with your ideas using the provided template. (you need a account to edit this page)
It's about projects for all our products: TYPO3 CMS, TYPO3 Flow, TYPO3 Neos, Extbase, Fluid, TYPO3.Surf, <youNameIt>. Feel free to add new ideas to the wiki page, as well as improving the already existing ones. For deeper discussions about an idea I suggest to use the typo3.gsoc maillinglist.
GSoC is the "Summer of Code". So a "documentation task" won't really fit.
Remind that possible students might not have any deep knowledge in TYPO3 yet.
Also a project should be achievable for one student within the three month coding period. So completely rewriting the TYPO3 backend might not be the best choice for a GSoC project.
Your critical business depends on this new feature being available by the end of this summer? Humm.. better do it yourself or pay someone for it.
But this idea, you already have in mind for months or even years, you can't find time to implement it and you know people will be like "wow, this is cool". Someone really should do it somewhen? Yes, that might be a cool GSoC project!
Or this great concept, which came up lately while discussing <something> in the mailinglist/twitter/bugtracker or on the T3Something event. That might be one, too!
Please spread the word and forward this link to your colleagues, which do not follow this list, but might have some ideas.
If you have any question, do not hesitate to ask me (Tobias Liebig) or Christian Müller. You can send us a mail, poke me on twitter and most likely you will find someone in our IRC channel (irc:// Also we are reading the typo3.gsoc maillinglist, too.
We are really looking forward to your suggestions.