Google Summer of Code 2012 coming up

Categories: Community Created by Ingo Renner, Tobias Liebig

Google Summer of Code 2012 has been announced at the beginning of February at FOSDEM.


Of course we want to apply with TYPO3 as an organization again. Therefore we are looking for you to provide ideas students can work on during the summer. We are also looking for mentors to guide the students through their projects and their adventure with TYPO3.

If you are interested in beig a mentor or have ideas for projects, please let us know by email or simply use the comments below.

The team of organization admins will be Tobias Liebig and Ingo Renner. Together we will try to further formalize mentoring during Google Summer of Code but also in a general manner to always be able to guide new users and contributors to how things work in the TYPO3 community.

This year we also got a small budget to support students and invite them to selected community events where it makes sense and we will be able to provide small gift packages again.

You can find more information about TYPO3's Google Summer of Code at<link http: gsoc2012 _blank>