Farewell Carsten

Categories: Community Created by Alexander Schnitzler
Thursday, 25th of February 2016, Carsten Bleicker passed away
I met Carsten on the first day of my apprenticeship and I wouldn’t have thought we would become close friends some day. Some month later he left the company and started his life as a TYPO3 freelancer. Whoever had the chance working with him, very soon noticed that he didn’t do nothing halfway. This attitude and his brilliant mind made him an excellent software architect.
Although Carsten was part of the TYPO3 community for years, very few knew him personally. Seldom, he visited community events like the developer days, but he made a living with TYPO3 and regularly donated money to improve parts of the software.
Especially when Flow and Neos arose, he saw great opportunities and spent a lot of time digging into the concepts and source code of these products. Some day he even wrote his own shop system based on Neos, which worked out very well to these days.
Besides his work with and for TYPO3, Carsten was a passionate fly fisherman and a dog lover. He lived in a small town, very close to a river he spent a lot of time fishing. While searching for a natural, swimming toy for his dogs, he had the idea of simply inventing one himself. It took him 3 years, but since beginning of last year, he had his toys called “PIPEU” produced and sold on amazon and many german pet stores.
Shortly after his 41st birthday Carsten unexpectedly passed away. He is survived by his parents, siblings and his two dogs, Biba and Bruno. The world lost a straightforward, tender and intellectual man.
Carsten, I am thankful for all the time we spent together. You will have a place in my heart and be remembered to the day we hopefully meet again.
Alexander Edit 28.02.2016 Friends in the TYPO3 Community have built a website to remember Carsten: remembering-carsten-bleicker.typo3.org Thank you!