Extbase/Fluid Book in English

Categories: Community created by Sebastian Kurfürst
Jochen Rau and Sebastian Kurfürst intend to publish an English version of the book "Zukunftssichere TYPO3-Extensions mit Extbase und Fluid" (Future proof TYPO3-extensions with Extbase and Fluid) for free, using a "CreativeCommons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike" license.
An English translation will further help to spread Extbase and Fluid among the TYPO3 community, and this great documentation will be an enormous help in learning these techniques. However, they need your help for:
  • Translating the Book
  • Proofreading the Book
The whole book is about 340 pages long, so the more people help translating, the faster the English Version will be available. If 20 people help out, each one would have to translate only about 15 pages, which is pretty manageable. Additionally to the online availability of the book, we also plan to publish it on a Book on Demand service, for people who want to have a paperback copy of it, and do not want to print it themselves.


At least for translating the book, you need the german version from your local bookstore, as we are not allowed to distribute PDF versions around. We will use DocBook 5 as the format for translation, and I recommend XMLMind XMLEditor Personal Edition (http://xmlmind.com) as the editor of choice. The translation will (for now) take place on a private subversion repository and a private mailing list for coordination, and as soon as the first version is finished, we will put everything to typo3.org and the appropriate places.

What about the future?

A development team is working on a new version of TYPO3 (Phoenix) based on modern development techniques and paradigms. Extbase is a backport of FLOW3, the framework that drives TYPO3 Phoenix, and Fluid is the next-generation templating engine, available in both branches of TYPO3.

Extbase enables current TYPO3 v4 developers to program with the paradigms and concepts of FLOW3, drastically easing the transition to TYPO3 Phoenix, the next generation of the TYPO3 Enterprise CMS.

Fluid is a next-generation template engine which is known to be easy to learn and being powerful at the same time. It is used heavily in TYPO3 Phoenix, Extbase extensions and can also be used in TypoScript templates in the upcoming TYPO3 version 4.5 (release end of Januari 2011). FLOW3 is a modern web application framework which is the foundation of TYPO3 Phoenix.
Generally, Extbase and Fluid are paving the road to the future versions of TYPO3. TYPO3 Phoenix is the next generation enterprise web Content Management System. It is written from scratch, based on the concepts and experience from earlier TYPO3 versions.


If you want to help out, please write a personal email to Sebastian. Together, we can make a nice christmas present to the TYPO3 Community!