Extbase leadership

Behind the scences, modifications always take place. From now on Felix Oertel will share the teamlead with Anja Leichsenring. The Extbase team welcomes Anja to that position and looks forward to her support with her expertise and ideas.
The new teamleaders got together about the shared leadership and agreed on the following structural changes: Anja will mainly take care of the operational events around Extbase. She will tend to the daily business in the Extbase team. This means, among other things, coding assistance, provide and review patches, keep the bugtracker clean and communicate with the other teams. Overall Anja will keep the development running and coordinate the further maturing of Extbase. Felix takes care of the organizational leadership. You want to organize a code sprint in your town? You want to donate large amounts, to make events happen? Or have you great ideas how you want to introduce yourself? Simply talk to Felix, he will help you with words, deeds and Felkix will keep public relations going via the buzz blog and typo3.org news. The transparent distribution of tasks will hopefully also help you to find the right contact for your ideas and interests. This “change” is not just a change, but a profound adjustment to the current situation. We agreed on this shared position to better reflect the actual assignment of the workload. So for most of you not a lot will change in this regard. And as always as you know: feel free to be an active part of the community! Extbase is a backport of some features of FLOW3 to TYPO3 CMS. You might want to start reading the Documentation.
Extbase is shipped with TYPO3 CMS as a system extension since version 4.3. The projectpage of the Extbase team can be found here: forge.typo3.org/projects/typo3v4-mvc

Sincerely yours.
Anja Leichsenring & Felix Oertel