Documentation has converged

Categories: Community, Documentation Created by François Suter
Although the migration of the TYPO3 CMS documentation to ReStructured Text cannot be considered fully complete, the convergence with Neos and Flow has become reality.
The migration of the TYPO3 CMS documentation away from OpenOffice was initially started to have a single format for all manuals in the TYPO3 universe. The Neos/Flow team had been exploring first DocBook and then ReStructured Text (ReST). The benefits of these formats were numerous enough that it was worth attempting the switch. The TYPO3 CMS documentation has been fully migrated to ReST and TYPO3 CMS 6.0 was the first release for which there was no OpenOffice format. The Flow and Neos documentation was already in ReST, but was not yet visible on Thanks to the recent efforts of Karsten Dambekalns and Martin Bless this gap has been filled. The well-established Flow documentation as well as the burgeoning Neos manual are both available on and follow the same rendering processes. The web site still needs some care, many operations behind the scenes currently require manual handling, but is globally usable. Our focus in the next future will probably be on extension manuals, so that extension developers can also start enjoying the power and the ease of writing of ReST. For now we should enjoy the achievement of this convergence between all the major projects of the TYPO3 community. Thanks to all involved!