Developer Days - a status

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The news team wants to give you a short status report about what is going on here in Dietikon at the TYPO3 Developer Days.
We had 89 registered people who wanted to attend. 86 people finally made their way to Switzerland and participate at the DevDays. Many workshops already took place and many of them are very sucessfull. Many attendees already attended a very nice socializing event friday evening. We talked to some people and collected some comments about the first two days. Mario Rimann:
It was a huge task to plan the event. Until now, everything went very well except the WLAN. And also the weather could be better. But as all the developers are inside of the building - the weather is not that important :-) Jürgen Egeling:
No comment because of extreme stress. ;-) (see photo) Dmitry Dulepov:
Despite my small adventure with wrong visa, everything was absolutely wonderful. We talked a lot, generated many ideas and just talked. One of the interesting things for me was that all people looked differently than I imagined them :) But we all became good friends and I am really happy to be here! TYPO3 RULEZ! (see photo!) Gina Steiner:
Great! A lot of fun, faces, spirit and knowledge. Kasper Skårhøj:
Hey man, this is a great bunch of nerds. It has already exceeded my expectations with multiple blob-field lengths. I see a future coming of much broader collaboration and I couldn't wish for more. Karsten Dambekalns:
Even interrupting my well-earned vacation was not a price too high - really a nice event, exceeding our expectations. Next year it will be even better, I'm sure! Robert Lemke:
"Gimme five" shouted the community and so we do: The brainstorming sessions about TYPO3 5.x have been really inspiring and when you pass by the rooms which host the sessions of all the other projects, you see feature lists and roadmaps popping up like new extensions in the extension repository. I'm very much looking forward to having some upfront recycling radical refactoring sessions soon! Sebastian Kurfürst:
Attaching faces to email addresses was a really nice thing again, it is very refreshing having fun with these bunch of nerds. Ingo Renner:
Despite my brocken laptop everything is great. It's lots of fun meeting old and especially new friends. I'm already looking forward to the next community event! Michael Stucki:
It's great to be here and see how easy things can be realized when meet all in the same room. I believe this is sometimes essential, last but not least because this incentive will continue for a while when we have arrived at home again... The whole crowd had a nice barbecue and have another nice evening now. We're sure that we can speak for all attendes when we send the best wishes from Dietikon to all TYPO3 users, administrators and fans out there.
Greets from Dietikon,
from all us