CSS styled IMGTEXT - Part3

Categories: Development created by Ernesto Baschny (cron IT)
I just released version 0.4.0 of CSS Styled Image Text. For who don't know yet, this is a working CSS based implementation of the "Text with Image" and "Image" content types (from tt_content).
Not much has changed, see announcement at typo3.org/extensions/.

The main change was inspired by ben's idea (thanks!): I added the constants from the CONSTANT EDITOR into the auto-generated CSS, so that you can influence the appearance of borders and spacing around images using just the CONSTANT EDITOR, you don't have to export the CSS to an external file and adjust it anymore. Still, if you want to do that,
fine, you can do that. Same comments from typo3.org/documentation/document-library/cron_cssstyledimgtext/Styling_CSS/, section "CSS and TypoScript" will apply, then.

Please play around with it, and be welcome to sponsor further development! ;)

Follow-ups to the news group typo3.projects.content-rendering, please.