Committed to contribution - submit your 2015 budget application now!

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The budgetary process 2015 officially starts on August 1st, 2014.
For this budget process of the upcoming year we have thought of the motto: "Committed to contribution". It aims at expressing the mutual promise that is taken by the budget seeking applicant and the TYPO3 Association. With the budget applications we commit to contribution, to fulfilling aims and goals that we set, and to share our valuable ideas and knowledge in our TYPO3 Community.
Image by Sören Schaffstein You might remember <link http: news article submit-your-2014-budget-application-now _blank to budget application>Mike, the open source enthusiast who wants to share his ideas and knowledge with the TYPO3 Community and answers to the call for budget application following the correct process. Just like him, you can find the form for your budget application here: <link http: funding ref assoc _blank to page typo3>TYPO3 Association's website. Download the application form and send in your proposal not later than September 19th, 2014 to budget(at) Should you have any prior questions, please contact the Expert Advisory Board directly at eab(at) The budget applications will be collected by the TYPO3 Association and will be forwarded to the Expert Advisory Board (EAB). The EAB will take care of the budgetary process, summarizing the applications and contacting the applicants in case clarifications are needed. There will be a presentation of the budget application and a possibility to ask questions on details in an online forum after October, 6th. Everyone will be able to ask questions, not only the members of the TYPO3 Association. Additionally, during the TYPO3 conference (T3CON in Berlin) there will be a general presentation of notable budget applications. This will be open for all interested TYPO3 enthusiasts. The members of the TYPO3 Association will be able to express their opinion on the budget applications and on the budget uses in an online poll between Nov, 1st and Nov, 22nd. Their priorities will be taken into account and observed by the EAB in the budgetary process. The EAB will consult about and negotiate the final usage of the budget during and after their budget meeting on November 24th-25th, 2014. The final budget will be communicated in early December 2014, after this the budget owners will receive a budget agreement and information about how to handle the administrative tasks. Save the dates:
  • August 1st 2014 - Start of the budget application period for the year 2015
  • September 19th 2014 - Deadline for submission of budget applications
  • October 2014 - Budget applications are published in forge for discussion
  • October 2014 - Presentation of notable budget applications at T3CON
  • November 1st - November 22nd 2014 - Member budget poll
  • Last Week of November 2014 - EAB budget negotiation meeting in Karlsruhe
  • Early December 2014 - Communication of the final budget
Download the budget application form <link http: funding ref assoc _blank to page typo3>here.