Video Archive – June 2011

  • This talk is targeted to raise developers' and administrators' awareness of the importance of security aspects when running a TYPO3-driven website. It will explain that setting up a secure TYPO3 system does not usually cause a lot of extra work, but just different work and different thinking.

  • This is an introduction to setting up and running TYPO3 with Varnish. See the amazing perfomance improvements and learn how to setup moc_varnish, a TYPO3 extension that automatically controls the Varnish cache according to TYPO3's caching rules. (No VGA signal in this talk, sorry!)
    Varnish is a web accelerator written with performance and flexibility in mind. It's modern architecture gives it significantly better performance than many of it's competing products. Varnish stores web pages in memory so web servers don't have to create the same page over and over again. The web server only recreates a page when it is changed. Additionally Varnish can serve web pages much faster then any application server is capable of -- giving the website a significant speed boost.

  • Are your clients asking about these iDevices? What part can the TYPO3-Developer play here? How can we build apps and reuse as much code as possible on the major platforms? wwsc has developed an extension called T3APP that provides secure & fast access to TYPO3 content on all major mobile OS's. Offline caching and media assets handling makes the SDK a good point of departure to build native Apps. We are going to talk about the strategies, platforms, frameworks and tools we use, to survive in this jungle of options. This presentation includes coding examples and apps with a live TYPO3 backend.

  • It's becoming increasingly more important (and profitable) to be able to offer clients a mobile version of their website. TYPO3 offers advantages over many other systems because it already has it's own browser checks built in. TypoScript can often be used to modify the existing template enough that it's not necessary to build a separate mobile template.

  • T3CON11-SF: Keynote

    June 14, 2011

    Jez Humble on Continous Delivery

  • This talk covers the use of beLayout in TemplaVoila and some tips and tricks on how to enhance user experience when working with TYPO3, as well as examples on how to set up FCEs for use with extensions. TYPO3 is known for it's flexibility and complexity. This enables web developers to make the system fit into a wide range of requirements. But far less than all of these options are needed for John Q. Public when in charge of the website content. Apart from the possibilities that arise from configuring permissions for users, there are even more options to enhance user experience when working with TemplaVoila.

  • TYPO3 uses several caching strategies to increase performance of the website. This presentation gives an insight view into the various caching methods and discusses their advantages and disadvantages.