The TYPO3 family

A close-knit family

The TYPO3 branding approach is a „product range brand strategy“ - a system that unites all of the products developed by the  community, both now and in the future. TYPO3 stands for a well-known and valuable brand, with a large community producing high quality open source products.

The idea of the product range brand strategy is as strong and as flexible as it can be, therefore simple and easy. It promotes the sense of community with products being part of the TYPO3 family, fostering the use of common resources, development of common products and other joint ventures.

Both existing and new products will all benefit from the widely recognised TYPO3 logo shape.


Product range branding benefits:

  • Distinctness - All product brands have a „stand alone“ awareness in the market and therefore have a clear and distinct positioning
  • High flexibility - Product brands can be placed into or taken off the market according to its success or even be merged with another
  • Strong recognition - Due to usage of same visual strategy


A straightforward naming concept

The full names

Our naming scheme assembles all products under the roof of the TYPO3 project. Naming a product with their „full“ name it  will have "TYPO3" in front of their name as a prefix:

Everyday Name Use

In everyday communication, the naming will always consider to whom we are talking and why. Depending on context, it is both allowed to use the full product name, "TYPO3 Neos" and in everyday use, just "Neos". The same applies to Flow, Fluid etc.

  • TYPO3 Neos
  • TYPO3 Extbase 
  • TYPO3 Flow  (formerly known as FLOW3)
  • TYPO3 Fluid
  • TYPO3 Surf
  • TYPO3
  • Neos
  • Extbase
  • Flow  (formerly known as FLOW3)
  • Fluid
  • Surf

For more background information and the history of TYPO3 branding, refer to the how come of the TYPO3 brand strategy