Correct Spelling of TYPO3

TYPO3 should always be written in uppercase. Our naming scheme assembles all products under the roof of the TYPO3 project. Naming a product with their "full" name should have "TYPO3" in front of their name as a prefix, for instance TYPO3 Neos or TYPO3 CMS. The only exception is for URLs. Also note that the number "3" is part of the product name. It's not a version number and there's no space between "TYPO" and "3".

More information on the naming itself can be found on the TYPO3 Family page.

Rules for text

Always write all letters of TYPO3 in uppercase.

"TYPO3 CMS 6.0"
"TYPO3 Flow 2.0"
"TYPO3 Neos"
"TYPO3 Neos 1.0"
"We use TYPO3 CMS for all our sites."
"We use TYPO3 Flow for all our web applications"

In everyday communication you can also use:
"Flow 2.0"
"Neos 1.0"
"We use TYPO3 for all our sites."
"We use Flow for all our web applications"


"Typo3 is great."
"I use typo3."
"TYPO 3"

Rules for URLs

Lowercase unless it's the first word of a sentence.


"Go to this page at Typo3.domain"

More Rules

Furthermore never use any of the following styles when writing TYPO3:

- Underline
- Italic
- with a 3 written as a word: three
- Seperated in any way. Examples: typo 3, typo-3
- In quotation marks
- Vertical. Example: