Our brand personality

The essential personality trait of TYPO3 is caring. We believe that building a CMS is about giving others the power to thrive. It's about finding happiness in seeing your co-workers use, what you've worked so hard on perfecting - or catching the sight of a client realizing the potential of the tool in their hands. We're open source at heart, founded on compassion and generousity, simply Inspiring People to Share.

We smile when people that depend on our products succeed 

Telling the story of TYPO3

When communicating TYPO3 we strive to give everyone a lot of creative freedom. As long as you stick to the basic brand personality of caring & sharing, striving for excellence and structure, you're pretty good to go. You're invited to vary storylines, imagery, illustrations and texts - just remember to base all your good ideas and messages on the simple idea of TYPO3 being a supportive personality - whereas the receiver of your communication is front and center.

The point of view and the emotional quality of the brand remains the same but the stories we tell differ from time to time. 

Mind, soul and body

To make our branding efforts easier to put into action, we've identified three facets of our caregiver archetype. We'd like to make it painless for everyone communicating about TYPO3 to help establish our brand. 

» Using the brand mind, soul and body