Core Development Team

To Jointly Innovate Excellent Free Software Enabling People to Communicate.

TYPO3 Core Development Team Mission Statement

The TYPO3 Core Development Team is dedicated to develop and maintain the central parts of our favorite CMS. Check further down our mission statement. Additionally there are sub teams for TYPO3 CMS and TYPO3 Neos as well as project teams working on major features for specific versions.

These pages contain information about the current and future development as well as helpful resources and guidelines.

Friendly Ghost!

With more than 30 members it's not always easy to find a consensus. Especially when passionate developers talk about their favorite features and techniques it can get a little rough. The number one motivation for most of the Core Development Team is the mere fun of contributing to something great and indulge in the passion for excellent PHP code. So let's not forget about that and be a friendly ghost towards others. And as a little help we have written down a few communication guidelines.

The Core Development Team arranges a weekly friendly ghost. The friendly ghost monitors the bug-tracker and helps community members and newbies to find their way in reporting bugs or submitting patches. The friendly ghost of the week can be found in the calendar below.


Being the friendly ghost basically means to take over the bug-tracker housekeeping for a week. This should cover:

  • Review and categorize new bugs
  • Estimate difficulty level
  • Close inactive bugs
  • Bring up weekly bug summary

Besides that a friendly ghost should be open to every community member and help newbies through the bug report process. Once each year / half-year the Core Team arranges the weekly assignments.. All details about the friendly ghost project and the current calender can be found in Forge project:

Contributing Patches

You don't need to be a core team member in order to contribute code to TYPO3. For TYPO3 CMS please follow the instructions given in the Core Mailinglist Rules. For Neos you need to sign a Contributor License Agreement before submitting contributions. As soon as you did that, you can push your contribution to (read more about this on the forge wiki).

Mission Statement

"To Jointly Innovate Excellent Free Software Enabling People to Communicate."

The TYPO3 Core Development Team endeavors to make TYPO3 the best of its breed. To achieve this mission it pursues the following goals:

  • maintain and enhance the TYPO3 core
  • ensure TYPO3 source code quality
  • be a pillar of the community

This translates into the following tasks:

  • package and publish new releases according to the release and maintenance policies
  • review patches both before and after commits
  • care for the central development infrastructure (version control system, bug tracker)
  • participate in the mailing lists and in community events, in particular the TYPO3 Developer Days (T3DD)
  • ensure its own continuity by educating and inspiring community members to participate in the development and maintenance of the core


  • Not all members take up all the tasks, but the whole team is responsible for that.
  • Members must keep an open mindset to new ideas from both inside and outside of the team.