Get a cool Dashboard for TYPO3 with basic elements and a extension API to add own widgets! Help me with the Dashboard and develop widgets for your extensions. TYPO3 4.2 is recommended to use the dashboard in combination with the "userdefined Startpage".

Extension key mydashboard
Version 0.2.0 beta
Last updated July 23, 2014
First upload March 9, 2008
Downloads 2,009
Category Backend Modules
  • TYPO3 (4.5.0 - 6.2.99)
Conflicts none
Manual Extension Manual
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Username spyker
Author Tim Lochmüller
Tim Lochmüller

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Version history

January 17, 2011
Security bug fixes (TYPO3-SA-2010-006) Download T3X Package Download ZIP Archive
July 23, 2014
Add TYPO3 CMS 6.2.x compatiblity. Add support for <select> config field type. Thanks goes to André!
Supports TYPO3 version 4.5.0 - 6.2.99
Download T3X Package
January 17, 2011
Security bug fixes (TYPO3-SA-2010-006) Download T3X Package Download ZIP Archive
November 04, 2009
Small fixes. The Backed module outputs always UTF-8 output!  
July 26, 2009
Access check cleanup (Thanks to Andy). Now only the module ist checked. Add to ACL and enjoy (no static ID 1 access check)  
March 04, 2009
small label fix  
February 27, 2009
Update main.css and set the tt_news widget headline to the storage folder name if a storage folder is set.  
June 02, 2008
small doku Update  
May 31, 2008
set state to beta; the ajax update set a class now, to be more flexible  
May 14, 2008
Add a Home-Icon in the top menu bar to get faster to the Dashboard.  
May 13, 2008
Add a getDashboardKey-Method to the Widget Template; Fix getJSFiles to get JS files only once: thx to Johannes  
May 12, 2008
Fix the boolean config field; Move the Dashboard from Help to User-Tools;  
May 10, 2008
Add Password field to config. Prepare the Footer Menü  
May 09, 2008
register JS Files in the Widgets. Update Docu. First Widget Extension widget_funny with Cursor followed Eyes ;-)  
May 05, 2008
Add sys_notepad Widget (thx Daniel);Check Global Vars;TYPO3 Fix Module Access check in the main function;move the rnderContent and renderAJAX to the main method;check same global vars and remove global ... in the functions;finished the configuration;Inlin  
May 04, 2008
Small Doku Update; create access check currentUserHaveConfigAccess; Fix CSS Class for Rows; clean output welcome message; Fix the order bug (remove asdasd Div Box); Set Dashboard Startpage in Configuration; Inline Doku in widgetmgm finished;  
May 01, 2008
Update: the default config; Update: Documentation - images and widget list; Update: finish inline comments in the base template class; Fix: setDefaultConfig in the Widgets; Fix: Widget Default Icon Path; Fix: the tt_news widget (SQL); Fix: Set Return URL  
May 01, 2008
Change Description; Widget Menu Fix on Update; Dashboard output: configuration & save menü status finished; Rename setDeaultConfig to setDefaultConfig (Thx Franz H.); Bugfix: Reference Call for interface Check (Thx Franz H.);  
April 27, 2008
The Next Dev Snapshot ;-) -- functions: Add Widgets, Remove Widgets, Order Widgets; more Source Docu; Fix the temp Widget: latest News; finish widgets: userstats, rssfeed;  
April 20, 2008
Fix a bug in the rss2array class,Remove the RSS Widgets (one global widget left),Reinvent the Dashbaoard Output,add first manual (basic),change start method for widgets,prepare config widgets,finish the userstats widget  
April 01, 2008
next dev snapshot. tt_news widget with "new record"-test. More Stylesheets, 100% Layout...  
March 26, 2008
New Dev version - a more complex Widget "User Stats", Create Record function, RSS hard reload, bugfixes  
March 09, 2008
First DEV Version to get a feeling how the/a Dashboard can works  
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