Why does my extension not appear in the list of recently updated extensions?

The extension index which acts as the data source for the list on typo3.org is only updated every few minutes, so you might have to wait a little longer.

In the future, a different process for uploading extensions is planned: Before recently updated or newly published extensions appear in the list of new extensions in the extension repository two persons of the Security Team have to scan the code for potential security issues. Depending on the current workload of the team members, that might take a while in the future.

I can't find extension XY - what's wrong?

Most likely, you haven't configured your Extension Manager correctly. By default, the Extension Manager only displays extensions which haven been basically checked by the Security Team. Maybe you're looking for an extension which hasn't been screened yet. In order to display unreviewed extensions, go to the Settings section in the Extension Manager and check the appropriate checkbox.

The extension you're looking for might also being reviewed by the Security Team and they found at least one security issue which justifies removing it from the TER. If you're the author of this extension, the Security Team will usually contact you after a short time. If you're in doubt you can ask them, if your extension has been removed.

Maybe you're looking for an extension key like "tx_address"? Then leave out the "tx_" prefix - that's a syntax used in TYPO3 internally. Make sure you're searching for the right extension key!

Another, but rare, reason might be that the extension in question disappeared from the TER due to a bug in the TER frontend. If that is the case, you can ask the extension author to upload the same version of his extension again.

If all that still doesn't help, please write an email to the typo3.org team mailing list.

How can I delete extension keys / extensions?

If you never uploaded an extension using a certain extension key, you can delete it using the extension key tool. For reasons of integrity, you cannot delete used extension keys nor uploaded extensions. If your extension has a security issue, please contact the Security Team.

What extension is used for displaying the manuals in the documentation section?

Manuals for TYPO3 extensions are traditionally written using Open Office Writer. An extension called ter_doc converts these manuals to DocBook and then run different XSLT sheets to produce the various output formats.

If you want to display Open Office Writer documents, use the Documents Suite - it offers a similar functionality for Open Office Writer files.

Although I uploaded a manual, it is not displayed at typo3.org - why?

There are many reasons why your document can't be rendered. The first thing you should check is the message "Documentation: Not available" in the extension lists: If there is a (Why?) link next to it you can view an error report which has been created during the last attempt to render your manual (a news article exists announcing this feature).

If an error occured during the XSL transformation, go through these steps:

  • Did you use the official documentation template for your manual?
  • Do you use the correct paragraph styles for your headings and does your document have the correct hierarchy of headings? 
  • Make sure that only one heading of level 1 exists (that should be the document title) and that your chapters are level 2, sub-chapters level 3 etc.. A common mistake is that the "Table Of Content" heading uses a heading level being a parent to the chapter headings.
  • If in doubt, compare the heading hierarchy of your document with a manual you know works. The "Navigator" tool in OpenOffice Writer is a great help for that task!
  • If your manual is still not rendered, please try to find out what the difference between your document and other manuals which work is. Then contact the typo3.org team.